Manuscript Processing Charges

Dear Author(s):

According to the executive instructions, the financial support of the scientific journals of Islamic Azad University, No. 10/62815, dated 2019.12.25, was determined, in case of initial approval by the editor; For sending each article for reviewing, the amount of 1/500/000 Rials and after the final approval, the amount of another 3/500/000 Rials for printing the article should be received from the respected authors. (It should be noted that if the article is rejected by the honorable judges, the review charges can not be returned to the author).


Bank account information:

Account number: 0115860680005
Saderat Bank

ID Code: 111450

IBAN(SHEBA) number: IR200190000000115860680005

Card number: 6037691990454514 ( Note: Card number can be used only in Bank Saderat ATMs and mobile payment applications)

In the name of scientific journals of Islamic Azad University, Eslamshahr Branch