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Title Count
Number of Volumes 2
Number of Issues 3
Number of Articles 34
Article View 2,607
PDF Download 1,797
Number of Submissions 29
Accepted Submissions 15
Rejected Rate 9
Acceptance Rate 52
Average Time to Accept (Days) 60


Remarkable Dear Authors

In order to observe the criteria and maintain the unity of procedure based on the author's guide, use the new format of the article preparation template, and the authors' commitment worksheet, after completion and signing in PDF or JPG format, will be uploaded in the system along with the article file. Failure to comply with the above criteria is unacceptable.
It is worth noting that the Curriculum Research follows the rules of the Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE). 

Dear Authors

Please do not correspond or contact in any way with the personal emails of the journal's agents, including the editor, managing director, internal manager, senior editor, and editorial board members. Therefore, esteemed authors should follow any request only through the journal's email ( It should be noted that if this issue is not observed, the manuscript will be removed from the review process and deleted. Also, before submitting the manuscript, all the items in the authors' guide section should be applied to the manuscript, otherwise, the manuscript will be rejected.

This journal has a rating of B and a score of 79 from the journal evaluation system of Islamic Azad University in 2021.


Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2021 

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